Monday, May 31, 2010

Protesters to stand trial Wednesday (June 2) - Support Appreciated

The ten protesters involved in the occupation on April 6, 2010 will stand trial on Wednesday at 13h30 in the Hague. They are accused of "violence" against a flowerpot and a door, and of insulting the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and due to a bizarre array of juridical twists this could result in a trial for "assaulting an internationally protected embassy" and result in 8 years in jail.

The trial is open, and support from the community would be appreciated. This is as simple as attending the court case. We are hoping that this will not be the last court date, and that the actual result is far different from the draconian possibility which has been presented. So we're not asking anybody to lose his or her job or cancel other urgent matters to come and be present; still, in the worst case that a speedy prosecution and heavy sentence result, it would be a shame to not let the judge, the press and the public hear the voices of dissent, or to not let the protesters hear friendly voices of encouragement.

If the cost of the train is the only thing holding you back, please call 06 42 52 71 94 and we can work something out.

The group, consisting of Iranians and non-Iranians, carried out the action to protest the grave human rights situation in Iran. The last year has seen a huge rise in forced disappearances, torture, executions, and clampdowns on freedom of expression, association, and thought.

The occupation statement is to be found in various languages as the first post of this blog.

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